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As you are probably aware, our op-shop is now closed indefinitely, church services have been suspended and our regular hall hire has stopped, all because of Coronavirus measures.This means that virtually all the parish' income has ceased - but the bills still need paying. 

Those of you who give to the collection at St Pauls during Sunday services are asked if you will please consider setting up regular electronic payments for the amount you would normally give in cash. This can be done via Internet banking or by setting up a direct debit payment from your bank account.

One-off donations will also be received gratefully.

Please Click Here to send an email to parish administration with your contact details. Neil, our treasurer, will get back to you with the bank details.

With your help we hope to stave off the moment when the parish becomes financially insolvent until we can get back to a more stable footing.






Wurundjeri"We the Wurundjeri are the traditional custodians of this land. This land must be respected in honour of our ancestors, who Walked this land for many thousands of years; we acknowledge Our Ancestors, elders, community members past and present."


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